“I think your program is great, very well thought out and comprehensive.  I think it could be a solid solution for all the regions.” -John Woods, CEO, Community Banks of Colorado

“You guys are good.” -Alex, Telluride Real Estate Corporation

“Wonderful car show!  I’ve gotten nothing but great comments from our car club members.  You did an absolutely wonderful job!” -Augie Reno, with the 2005 Exotic Car Expo, Aspen Highlands Village

“What a great job your team did.  Way to go.” -Grant Bayless, with the 2005 Porsche Show

“Thank you again to our partners at Darnauer for their continued efforts to make us successful! Thank you for your continued dedication to our success.” -Jud Hawk, General Manager, Ritz-Carlton Club at Aspen Highlands Village

“You are doing a fabulous job.  I’m really thrilled with the progress!” -Georgia Hanson, Aspen Highlands Village

“We were very impressed with your integrated approach to our organization and thought your work was fantastic.”  -Alexis Diaz, G100

“Your wealth of knowledge, passion and general spirit for the Club’s well-being has been much appreciated.” -Bonnie Mineo, Roaring Fork Club

“That was the best media event I have attended.  You really outdid yourselves.” – Jennifer Young, Aspen Sojourner Magazine, re: Roaring Fork Club Opening

“You did a really great job – and I thank you for that.  The PR was excellent.  Thanks again and again for all your hard and excellent work.” -Susan Gurrentz, Artist

“You certainly know how to make everything perfect.  Wow! All of you are real pros and put together a most enjoyable weekend.  If your clients are anything like you, they’re winners.” -Terry Vitale, Colorado Expressions, re: Media Event at Roaring Fork Club Opening

“What a beautiful document.  I am so impressed.  Congratulations!!! It is awesome.” -Deb, Child Care Connections, re: Child Care booklet

“Thank you for your excellent work on the RTA campaign.” -Steve, Rural Transportation Authority

“Your leadership clearly contributed to the momentum of the effort and successful result.” -Gail Schwartz & Chuck Brandt

“Your professionalism and commitment to excellence is highly regarded.”

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