Founded in 1991, Darnauer Group is a nationally-recognized, full-service strategic PR and marketing communications firm. We produce positive outcomes for our clients by using a variety of creative communications techniques. Darnauer Group specializes in brand positioning, strategic messaging, community relations, digital and emerging media and special event production for the resort real estate, hospitality, environmental, arts and recreation industries in both the public and private sectors. We have also worked with numerous not-for-profit clients, particularly in arts, education and the environment. We have considerable knowledge of and experience in sustainable development. The firm has garnered over two dozen state and national awards in its history, including the Gold Pick Award as the Small Agency of the Year from Public Relations Society of America, as well as that organization’s coveted Bronze Anvil Award.


Darnauer Group operates from a high level of integrity. We value honest communications, a strong work ethic, creativity, laughter, friends and family. We try to live our values daily by treating our partners with respect, working hard and sharing our ideas.

We foster relationships that are rewarding and lucrative for our clients. We understand that “trust” is the common denominator in creating successful partnerships. We take the time to explore our clients’ hopes, dreams and needs. We believe in nurturing differing viewpoints, fostering an open dialogue and communicating with cultural relevancy. We strive to achieve the positive synergy that comes from working with our partners. Long-term relationships are the rooted philosophy of our business.


Our business is rooted in a foundation of integrity. We have earned a reputation for our ability to solve problems with creative solutions.  Our approach is collaborative, innovative and results-oriented. Our mission is to build relationships with and for our clients that are based on trust.  We help create programs that influence the attitudes and behavior of our client’s stakeholders, and we communicate their messages in a thoughtful and innovative manner.  We are known for our ability to solve problems with creative solutions.


A Public Engagement program is a critical element in the success of many projects. The basic idea is to create awareness of an issue, then build credibility and trust in order to generate a foundation of consent.  To do so, we must listen and address the community’s values. We must validate their experiences and build relationships in the process.  Our goal is to engage people in a dialogue in order to understand their concerns, accommodate their needs and hopefully gain their support.

To garner support from stakeholders, the process must be transparent – no hidden agendas, no secrecy. Consistent messages and feel (across all projects) must be identified and proactively communicated.

Our expertise in Community Relations and experience in successfully implementing public engagement campaigns is extensive. We are passionate about helping our clients build relationships and coalitions within their communities. All community decision making is values-driven, so our quest is to understand those values among the varying factions of the community. The basic tenant is to build credibility on behalf of our client.

We develop a process that employs a variety of creative tactics to solicit public input. We first identify the “key influencers” among the stakeholder audiences. To generate broad community support, we leverage those leaders in organizing grassroots, neighborhood plans, developing business and media “partnerships” and fostering extensive networking opportunities. The tools we use are both traditional and innovative and include community advisory committees, interactive sessions, online surveys and a variety of new media techniques.

Darnauer Group is the most experienced public relations company in Western Colorado that specializes in Community Outreach and Public Engagement.  Our roots run deep in helping both public and private sector clients develop and implement Public Outreach programs.  As a full-service, marketing communications firm, we provide our clients with a unique skill set and range of experiences that inform all aspects of a program, from the initial strategic thought process through public engagement efforts using a variety of marketing tools that support the mission.